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Welcome to Abersoch Pottery.

Main Gallery
Pots are wood-fired unless otherwise stated. Pots are fired to 1280 degrees Centigrade (Cone 9) unless otherwise stated.

Book of Kells Plates Gallery
The Book of Kells was transcriibed by Celtic monks circa 800ad The beautifully illuminated manuscript is currently displayed in the library at Trinity College, Dublin. It contains 340 pages of the very best Celtic knot work, and ornate swirling motifs with interlacing patterns, superlative examples of the art of the so-called Dark Ages.

We find this artwork inspiringly beautiful, and are trying to encapsulate a little of its spirit in the timeless medium of clay. The motifs and knot work on the plates in this gallery represent 8 years of R and D with various techniques and glazes. We are continually striving to re-create the Kells' motifs as clearly as possible, but clarity is not the only objective. The spirit of the time leaps out from the pages of the Book of Kells, kindling strong feelings in most who look at it. Some tiny fraction of this spirit, and the feelings, are elements that we hope to reflect in our plates.

More images will be added to the gallery over time, and the glazes too will develop. If you like these images, it might be worth returning to the Book of Kells Plates Gallery from time to time to view new material.

All plates are wheel-thrown and individually hand made.